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in a Play-based Method


We are a preschool that integrates Canadian education within the warmth of Mexico.


At Mount View we adopt the Canadian methodology, which is recognized internationally for its innovation in the educational system where children learn through play and exploration of the ENVIRONMENT where teachers guide and respect their learning pace.

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Language Immersion

It is scientifically proven that children exposed to bilingual contexts have better academic results because they develop cognitive skills as they seek to find common ground, meaning and connection between two languages.

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Play-based method

We use the Canadian play-based methodology called. Play is an active form of learning that involves all areas of the person and is achieved through exploration and discovery of the environment in a free and natural way. We apply this methodology through learning centers, they are guided play areas where teachers design environments that provide opportunities for learning

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Caring Environment

Our classrooms have natural lighting and ventilation as well as materials and furniture suitable for the age of the children. We promote research through access to construction materials, board games, toys, experiments, textbooks and literature, among others.


Canadian Education

Mount View offers a program based on practices from Canada that place a child's well-being and learning mentalities as priority.

The Canadian system is built on a caring environment, imparted through play-based methodology in a language immersion setting. It's proven to be one of the best systems in the world.

Inspired by Alberta's Early Learning and Care Framework.

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A child who is





who brings his or her whole being

to play and learning.

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What Makes Us Different

A lot of parents struggle to choose a preschool because they feel they have to choose between providing a solid academic foundation for their child or a caring and fun environment. As a parent it can feel like choosing between ending up with a smart kid or a happy kid.

We believe your child deserves to be both. That is why we offer a curriculum designed to strengthen and develop your child's mind in a playful and caring environment your child will love.

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